Bicycle rental

What is an electric bike?

You will always have the wind at your back with an electric bike! They are easy to ride and fast, even on long cycling routes. You can cycle more than ten kilometres in half an hour without breaking a sweat. Depending on how much electrical assistance you use, you can keep an even pace on uphill stretches. The electric motor can provide assistance up to a speed of 25 km/h, after which it deactivates. You can also use the control unit on the electric bike to choose how much assistance you want to use or whether to use it at all. Electric bikes are suitable for everyone for different uses. The electric motor engages when the rider starts pedalling, and it stops when the rider stops pedalling or the bike reaches a certain speed.

In the eyes of the law, electric bikes are the same as normal bicycles, meaning that no driving licence or insurance is required to ride them, and they can be ridden everywhere that a normal bike can be used.

Bicycle models for rent

Tunturi E290 12-speed

Tunturi E275 11-speed

Tunturi E260 5-speed junior bike

Tunturi eLite 9-speed

Tunturi RX500 for women

Tunturi RX500 for men

Queridoo Sportrex 2 2019

Rental price 25€/day

Rental prices

  • One day on the archipelago route
    • Electric bike 70€ / regular 40€
  • Extra days
    • Electric bike 50€ / 20€
  • Half a day (4h)
    • Electric Bike 45€ / 20€
  • Bicycle bags 5€ / unit / day
  • Bicycle trailer 25€ / day

Prices include VAT 24%

  • high-quality electric bike
  • helmet
  • lock
  • safety vest
  • instructions for using the bike

Renting instructions

Saimaa Bikes’ electric bikes are available for rent at 3 different rental points. There is a limited amount of bikes available so you should make a reservation in advance.


General rules

    • The terms and rules for the rental of electrically powered bicycles from Saimaa Bikes and the applicable regulations are defined in these rental terms, the rental agreement and Finnish legislation. By signing the rental agreement, you agree to comply with these rental terms.
    • The rented electric bicycles and associated accessories are the property of Sk Saimaa Coop Osk.
    • The electric bicycle accessories are a lock with two different keys or a numerical lock, and a cycling helmet.
    • If the renter hands over the bicycle to a third party, the renter shall remain fully liable for any loss or damage affecting the bicycle.
    • The electric bicycle must not be taken beyond the borders of Finland.
    • The rental fee shall be paid at a Saimaa Bikes rental point before the rental begins.


Verification of identity

    • The customer shall verify his/her identity by presenting a valid form of photographic identification (passport, EU driving licence or identity card) when making the reservation.
    • People aged under 18 may rent electric bicycles when accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Loss or damage

    • When the customer signs the rental agreement, the customer is liable for all loss or damage affecting the electric bicycle and accessories during the rental period. The customer shall be obliged to indemnify Saimaa Bikes for all loss or damage affecting the electric bicycle or accessories in accordance with their actual value if the loss or damage is caused by the customer himself/herself. The bicycles are insured against theft, natural disasters or fire. In such circumstances, the customer shall only be liable for the deductible (EUR 500). By signing the agreement, the customer confirms that he/she is fully aware of these rental terms.
    • If the electric bicycle is returned after the agreed deadline, the customer shall pay an additional fee in accordance with the price list. If the customer returns the bicycle before the agreed deadline, he/she shall not be entitled to a refund of the fee paid for the rental.


Customer’s liability

    • The customer affirms his/her commitment to take good care of the electric bicycle in such a way that the bicycle is always locked with a wire lock when it is unattended, and the customer does not leave detachable accessories (keys to the battery lock and cycling helmet) unattended.
      The electric bicycle must be locked using a wire lock, preferably to a fixed object such as a post, bicycle rack, railing or similar. The customer must not leave the electric bicycle unattended for an unreasonably long period.
    • In the event of theft or a traffic accident, the customer must immediately contact the police (dial 112) to report the incident, and the customer must also immediately contact the rental point or Saimaa Bikes’ contact number, +358 44 975 9586.
    • The customer affirms that he/she has understood that he/she shall not be entitled to claim compensation from a Saimaa Bikes rental point or from Sk Saimaa Coop Osk in the event of personal injury or property damage when the electric bicycle is rented to the customer.
    • The customer shall be fully liable for all loss or damage that occurs when the electric bicycle is rented to the customer until it is returned to the Saimaa Bikes rental point and found to be in flawless condition. Incidents of loss or damage shall be subject to Finnish law in accordance with these terms and conditions.


Responsibility of Sk Saimaa Coop Osk and Saimaa Bikes rental points

    • Sk Saimaa Coop Osk is responsible for ensuring that the electric bicycle is in good technical condition, and it affirms that the electric bicycle has been serviced regularly.
    • Sk Saimaa Coop Osk and the Saimaa Bikes rental points reserve the right to refuse to rent out an electric bicycle without explanation if a customer does not appear to be reliable, appears to be unable to ride an electric bicycle or unable to safely take care of an electric bicycle.



    • The customer must understand that cycling always carries its own risks and that when the customer uses the services of Saimaa Bikes’ rental points, he/she does so entirely at his/her own risk. Sk Saimaa Coop Osk and the Saimaa Bikes rental points shall not insure the customer against personal injury or property damage.
    • The customer must use the cycling helmet provided as an accessory in accordance with Section 90 of the Finnish Road Traffic Act.



  • Cancellations of reservations must be made on the day prior to the rental at the latest by email or telephone. Saimaa Bikes’ rental points will confirm the cancellation, and any rental fees paid in advance will be refunded to the customer. In other cases, Sk Saimaa Coop Osk or the Saimaa Bikes rental point wil charge the reservation fee.

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